We're creating a place for women in the music industry to connect

Welcome to our Mighty Network

About Us

The Los Angeles music scene was taken by storm when Gritty in Pink opened their doors at the legendary Satellite in January 2020. Little did they know it would only be three short months of girl-driven live music mayhem before the Covid crisis hit. 

Gritty has proudly stood by the community since the social-gathering shutdown, by continuing to provide a platform for artists to be heard. Gritty has virtually hosted over 150 female musicians, and hosting live fundraisers Tuesday nights on our Instagram Live show Gritty Rocks Live. 

Our vision is to create a world in which women have equal opportunity, increased inclusion, and access to a network of resources in the entertainment industry.

Why You Should Join Us

Gritty in Pink's online community will feature virtual events, networking, discussions, opportunities, and access to resources and moral support. This is NOT another superficial social media platform! This is a place you can come to for help, recommendations, and sisterhood, support as well as share your experiences, without being judged.

A Big Thanks

Thank you to our community of supporters, together we can change the music industry to empower women and increase our equity.